Sealing Ducts Inside Walls: A Comprehensive Guide

Maintaining your home's energy efficiency is essential, and sealing ducts inside walls is an important part of that. It helps to regulate the air temperature and improve air quality. But how do you go about sealing ducts from the inside?The most popular way to seal ducts is with Aeroseal. This product is specifically designed for this purpose and requires no special equipment.

It can be used in accessible areas. Alternatively, you can use putty or adhesive tape to seal the ducts. Before you start sealing, it's important to identify any holes or gaps in the ducts. You can do this by pressurizing the duct system with a fan and using a computer to analyze the data. This will tell you how much air is escaping from the ducts. Once you have identified any holes or gaps, you can begin sealing them.

If you are using Aeroseal, follow the instructions on the packaging. If you are using putty or adhesive tape, make sure to apply it firmly and evenly around the hole or gap. Finally, check that all of the holes and gaps have been sealed properly. If necessary, repeat the process until all of the holes and gaps are sealed. Sealing your home's air ducts is an essential part of maintaining your home's energy efficiency. By following these steps, you can ensure that your home's air temperature is balanced and that air quality is improved.

Joel Reid
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