Do HVAC Ducts Need to be Sealed? - An Expert's Guide

To ensure optimal energy efficiency and air quality, it is essential to seal the ducts along the entire duct system. Air leaks in the ducts can cause a significant loss of energy and money, particularly in larger systems in commercial buildings. Generally, the best way to seal ducts is to hire a professional to internally seal the entire duct system. However, if your ducts are accessible and you are a DIY enthusiast, we recommend that you buy putty, clean the outside of the air ducts, and apply putty.

Duct sealant with putty is a reliable method that has been used to seal air ducts. It is a thick, pasty substance that can be applied to voids and leaks in ducts with a caulking gun and a brush. Sealing air ducts offers numerous advantages, such as enhancing indoor air quality, saving money on energy bills, increasing the durability of air conditioning systems, and improving health for those with allergies or asthma. When you call Schmidt Mechanical to inspect your air conditioning system, one of the things they will inspect will be your air ducts. Duct putty is often considered the best solution for sealing air ducts as it is a sticky material that does not harden, is non-toxic and is fire resistant.

If you've done all the repairs but the ducts are still leaking, call Schmidt Mechanical to help you seal the ducts so your home is comfortable all year round.

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